Captis Pulse Lite

Incredibly versatile, economical, and ideal for deployment in scale, the Captis Pulse Lite provides the edge in water and wastewater industry applications


The Captis Pulse Lite is our basic entry level device typically used to support simple IoT data logging needs and use cases. The device is IP68 rated and includes a mounting bracket to securely fix the device in its end state environment. It has an internal antenna and additional external antenna to maintain signal requirements and reduced attenuation where the device may be situated underground or within a concrete box

Captis Pulse Lite key features include:

Product Applications

The Captis Pulse Lite serves as a multi-functional asset in both environmental monitoring and resource management. Not only does it offer thorough infrastructure oversight, from monitoring noise and vibrations to providing essential real-time data on water systems, but it also seamlessly integrates with current setups to elevate their effectiveness. Its real-time alerting capabilities can act as an early warning system, enhancing predictive maintenance and reducing downtime. Plus, its robust design and diverse monitoring capabilities make it an invaluable addition to existing systems, contributing to more streamlined operations and proactive maintenance.

Environmental Monitoring

Resource Management

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