Introducing Kallipr Series 2

Revolutionizing how we capture, measure and analyze data in extreme environments. 

S2 sets new standards in remote monitoring technology. With advanced features and enhanced capabilities, it continues our legacy of delivering exceptional solutions for capturing, measuring, and analyzing data in even the most extreme environments.

Explore connect-and-configure IoT hardware, built for industry. 

Remote Monitoring Redefined

Intelligent IoT Solutions

For a safer, more efficient and sustainable future

Kallipr is a world leader in remote monitoring solutions in the harshest environments – where the Internet of Things (IoT) meets the transformative power of AI and Edge Computing. Our advanced technology enables smarter, faster decision-making, enhanced operational efficiency, and unparalleled data security for your business.

Redefining the way infrastructure is managed, making it smarter, more efficient and universally accessible

Our Captis devices allow you to introduce remote monitoring and measurement over cellular networks to your business. They can be connected to a variety of sensors, meters and gauges for use across millions of applications, and are connected securely to IoT networks meaning your data is always accessible. The Captis device management cloud platform allows you to operate from a central hub, setting up alerts and alarms to effectively manage your assets.

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Our solutions are used across numerous industries and verticals including utilities, wastewater, agriculture, commercial, mining and rail.



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Our Captis product achieves big results for our customers – whether it’s millions of dollars saved by reducing delayed minutes, or thousands of kiloliters of water saved – Kallipr uses the most advanced IoT technology to make your job simpler, safer and more efficient, and help you to hit your business and sustainability goals.

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