Equipment Monitoring

Kallipr essentially provides you with a 24/7 equipment supervisor in the form of our IoT device, which measures what matters to you most. It removes the need for human intervention and gives you better opportunities to scale, be more efficient and save on costs, resources and environmental impacts.

Through our solutions you can remotely monitor asset health, GPS location, tank levels, pressure and many other use cases – minimizing risk, human-error and giving you more time with your customers.


Kallipr can assist with the monitoring of your equipment and assets in the remotest areas, helping to ensure down time and poor asset utilisation do not become a critical issue in your organisation.

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We work with Rail companies across Australia to help monitor assets across their rail networks, remote sites and rail junctions, and provide weather stations that deliver accurate and frequent temperature data back to a central hub.



Remote management of equipment in agriculture is part of the Smart Farming technology boom. With Captis, farmers are able to reduce the need attend to equipment in person, only alerting them when this is required due to configured alarm state. This is extremely beneficial on large properties or acreage.



Kallipr works with utility providers, construction sites and major businesses across the country to help monitor their assets. Examples include monitoring the temperature of critical goods in transit or at a fixed location, to ensuring assets maintain required power input for the duration of their uptime