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Kallipr is at the forefront of providing innovative rail solutions to some of world’s largest rail organisations, focusing on enhancing safety, minimising delays, and ensuring compliance with stringent regulations. Our Captis solution, specifically designed for the rail industry, offers unparalleled monitoring of track conditions, including rail pit levels, track temperature, vibration, ambient conditions, and weather events, facilitating real-time, data-driven decision-making for improved operational efficiency.

By deploying Captis across critical rail infrastructure, we empower operators to proactively manage and mitigate risks associated with rail transport. This not only ensures the safety and reliability of rail networks but also contributes to significant cost savings by reducing delays and optimising supply chain processes, demonstrating our commitment to advancing rail operations through technology.

How The Rail Industry Uses Captis


Captis enables real-time monitoring of culvert water levels, enhancing flood management and infrastructure protection in the rail industry. 

Captis delivers precise monitoring of rail pit water levels, ensuring timely flood detection and maintenance action to safeguard rail operations.

Captis ensures resilient ambient air and track temperature monitoring in extreme conditions, enabling real-time decision-making.

Captis provides precise micro-climate monitoring, enabling detailed environmental data collection for targeted decision-making.

See how Keolis Downer Yarra Trams uses Captis to Manage The World's Largest Tram Network
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One device for your ecosystem

1. The Captis Data Logger

The Captis device is installed in the field and configured over-the-air to support the required use case.

2. Sensors or Meters

Sensors in the field record and monitor the environment, resources and/or equipment and pass data to the Captis device.

4. Log Your Data

Kallipr Kloud processes this data and translates into relevant sensor readings. These readings may trigger alarms and notifications if this falls below or exceeds certain parameters or predefined rules.

3. Captis sends to the Cloud

The Captis device sends this data to Kallipr Kloud via the CAT-M1 / NB-IOT network. The Captis device can be configured to send at a specific time or based on events.


Case Studies

Flood & Asset Monitoring

Proactive monitoring to mitigate flooding risks across Sydney Light Rail network.

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