Major water utility significantly reduces water leaks

Seasonal Water Usage

The Need

One of Australia’s largest water utilities needed to conduct a specialised study to observe the seasonal patterns of domestic water usage, a sample size of 2,000 households was selected. Their logged water usage data was to be correlated with customer usage diaries, both of which were then fed into their analytics modelling. These insights would be used for the planning and execution of future infrastructure projects, and to truly get an understanding of domestic water usage patterns and behaviour.

The study required very high frequency (every 10 seconds) data sampling of water usage for two-week periods, repeated four times each year (once per season) for five years. Outside the study periods, the data collection would revert back to collecting normal data samples at a lower frequency.



Households connected to observe water usage

10 seconds

High frequency data sampling

Substantial water loss prevented through proactive customer service

The Solution

The Captis Pulse was chosen for this task as it allowed the water utility to interface to the existing installed mechanical meters, because it has high frequency sampling capabilities and a long battery life, and for its IoT cellular technology. The Captis range was also selected for its configuration Over The Air (OTA) capabilities, enabling the utility to remotely reconfigure their devices each quarter to perform the frequent data logging required for the study sample periods.

The water usage data is being used to fine tune assumptions and cost estimates when planning for future requirements. The data provides justification for major infrastructure decisions, including the size and specifications of the water assets selected for new developments and the timing of major capital works such as desalination plants.

An unexpected result of this study is that the Captis has helped this water utility to identify substantial water loss due to leaks on customers’ premises. They are now able to work with their customers to address leaks, saving water and improving customer service and satisfaction. The utility is now expanding the functionality of their Captis devices to include ambient air temperature monitoring, allowing them to better understand consumption habits by correlating water usage data with daily and seasonal temperature data.

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