Sea World's Sustainable Water Monitoring Solution

Multi-Sensor Water Monitoring

The Need

Sea World on the Gold Coast is dedicated to high environmental standards, focusing on the quality and volume of water released into the local wastewater network. This is crucial for protecting the local ecosystem and complying with regulations.

Monitoring water conditions accurately was challenging and required a sophisticated system providing real-time data on various parameters, including velocity and salinity. The previous monitoring kit was expensive to maintain so Sea World was looking for a cost-effective, streamlined solution to meet their needs.

Local councils impose stringent restrictions, necessitating a robust monitoring solution. Previously, data collection was fragmented and inaccurate.

Sea World needed a robust system capable of integrating multiple sensors to provide comprehensive insights into water quality, level and flow.

This would enable them to make informed decisions, promptly address any issues, and report compliance with environmental standards with confidence.

The Solution

We introduced Sea World to our Captis Recharge unit, enhanced with three Modbus slaves, capable of integrating multiple sensors into a single, efficient device.

This setup collects and analyses data such as water level, velocity and salinity, providing a detailed real-time overview. The Captis Recharge unit’s flexibility allowed for easy integration into Sea World’s existing infrastructure.

A key feature is the ability to attach multiple sensors to one device, streamlining the monitoring process. The Captis Recharge unit sends alarms when certain pre-determined thresholds are met, ensuring prompt responses to potential issues. All data from all sensors flows into an easy-to-use database, simplifying data management and analysis.

The installation process was made straightforward with a mounting bracket that simplifies the setup of multiple sensors. Additionally, the Captis device is IP68 rated, ensuring it can withstand the extreme sewer environment.

This robust performance and integration capability have been invaluable in supporting Sea World’s sustainability goals, ensuring accurate and reliable monitoring of their water quality and flow.

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