Kallipr Series 2 revolutionizes how we capture, measure and analyze data in extreme environments.  By combining cutting-edge Captis hardware and Kallipr Kloud software, the next-gen solution offers unparalleled global capabilities from the one provider. Learn more about Kallipr Series 2 here

The world’s most advanced remote monitoring device for extreme conditions​. Captis S2 Pulse revolutionizes how we capture, measure and analyze data.

Elevate your device power with world-first, patent-pending battery technology. Seamless compatibility, quick replacement, intelligent management and sustainability, all in one battery pack solution.

Software designed to automate your device management as you scale your operations. Kallipr Kloud will reduce your device management costs and increase device longevity.

The Kallipr Radar Sensor is a plug-and-play IoT device designed for non-contact level monitoring of both liquids and bulk solids. Engineered with precision radar technology, it offers rapid deployment and exceptional reliability.

All-in-one kit for rail track temperature and ambient air monitoring.  It delivers advanced rail temperature and track analytics for a safer, more efficient network.

The Captis Recharge delivers Captis Multi functionality with the added flexibility of a rechargeable battery and external power options via Solar cell or DC Power Supply (6V-24V); providing the greatest flexibility and longevity to operate in remotest of areas.

The Captis Multi is Kallipr’s most comprehensive battery powered IP68 rated device with multiple sensor inputs, tamper protection and dual antenna capability (internal & external); designed to operate and last in harsh environments.

The Captis Pulse is our entry level solution, delivering a battery powered IP68 rated device focused solely on pulse / digital inputs monitoring use cases.

The Captis Pulse Lite is a battery powered IP68 rated device with pulse / digital inputs and can be installed onto most Australian water meters. This is the ideal solution for projects that require very frequent data transmissions.

Kallipr Kloud is our IoT platform used to remotely manage all your devices. It allows for multiple connections and analysis in a single platform. 

Software Solutions

Kallipr Kloud is our IoT platform for remotely managing all your devices. This solution suite enables you to connect, analyse and integrate all your IoT devices into a single platform whilst providing connectors via APIs back into your operational platforms.

Key Features

World-First Battery Technology
Universal Coverage
Unmatched Durability
20 Year Battery life
Sensor Auto Recognition
GPS Integration
Simultaneous use of all Inputs
Elevated Security Standards
Simplified install & maintenance
Reduced Cloud Costs
Edge Processing, AI and ML
On device processing
Data Provenance
Automated Device Management Suite
Fast Logging Capabilities
Bootstrapping Onboarding Process

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