Environmental Monitoring

Kallipr works with companies to provide them with monitoring and insights for a cleaner, safer environment.

The IoT revolution is here to help us create a better world than when we arrived. By using our Captis IoT devices, you can monitor key metrics from your own data, triggering alerts as required, and ultimately make more informed decisions.

Kallipr will work with you on your sustainability and environmental goals – helping you to watch every drop, breathe the very best air and grow the right crops. With Captis you have the ability to measure what truly matters.


Kallipr can help you measure what matters by monitoring and controlling resources, infrastructure and your workforce across a mine site, helping to optimise and ensure the safety of the site. By connecting hundreds of sites in the most remote areas, we can work with you to help ensure site safety, cost-efficiencies and that you’re meeting your sustainability targets.

The Captis device can help identify areas to reduce resource consumption and operating costs, protect against environmental impacts and achieve your sustainability targets, and ensure the safety of infrastructure projects for yourself and others.

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Kallipr works with some of the biggest rail and logistics companies helping them save millions of dollars in delayed minutes and providing them with a safer, more effective supply chain.

By monitoring remote rail or logistic networks to measure vibration, ambient air temperature, track temperature and weather events, you can ensure each of your transport solutions gets from A to B efficiently and safely.


Water & Utilities

Kallipr and our Captis solution can assist with providing capability to manage and monitor water usage and extraction from local rivers, bores, or dams. In addition, with flood and waste water monitoring organisations can understand any impact on floodplains and their environment around them.



Kallipr works with utility providers, construction sites and major businesses across the country to help monitor their assets, identify major leaks or faults, warn of extreme weather events or manage the safety of multiple sites.



Remote sensoring in agriculture is revolutionising the way data is acquired from different farm nodes. Weather stations are one such sensor that gathers essential data that can be transmitted to analytical tools for analysis and planning. With Kallipr, farmers can monitor crops, watering stations and dam levels, soil conditions, silo levels, and so much more. With this pool of data, improved management through predictive systems can be set in place, ensuring better business results.


Smart Cities

Smart Cities strive to increase operational efficiency while simultaneously improving both the quality of government services and citizen welfare. The challenges being addressed in the Smart Cities space include aging infrastructure, traffic congestion, air and water pollution and an overall scarcity of natural resources driving more considered use of water and electricity utilities. Kallipr enables smarter decision making by providing data-driven insights into the most important aspect of your city ecosystem.