Water & Utilities

Kallipr works with some of the biggest water and utility suppliers to help measure and monitor our most valuable resources. We have proven success in working with councils and utilities such as Sydney Water to provide metering, sewer monitoring and water quality solutions.

We give you the tools you need to proactively measure your own data, allowing you to better manage faults, leaks, usage and quality across your networks, while reducing down-time, increasing customer satisfaction and helping save our most precious resources.

How Water Utilities Use Captis


Monitor and reduce your non-revenue water by installing Captis devices across your existing infrastructure. The IoT data loggers will help you monitor water flow, detect leaks and manage irregular water usage – meaning you can better track water consumption and significantly reduce the amount of non-revenue water annually.

 Learn more about Non-Revenue Water monitoring. 

Sewer Level Monitoring

Manage sewage overflows through localised monitoring of sewer risers with the Captis solution. The automated monitoring allows you to track real-time data and identify potential sewer overflows, resulting in proactive resolution of network issues and a substantial reduction in overflow events. As a result, everyday operations are optimised with less network interruptions and risk to public and environmental health is decreased, representing improved compliance to EPA regulations. 

View our Sewer Level Monitoring case study to see how we are helping Sydney Water manage overflows. 

Smart Water Metering

Captis allows you to digitise pulse readings from mechanical water meters, transforming your network into a smart water network. By accessing this real-time data you are able to identify gradual increases in water usage over time, proactively identifying and responding to leaks across your network.

View our Commercial Sub-Metering case study to see how industries are using Captis today. 


Water Quality

Use Captis to measure and monitor water quality, recording parameters such as pH, conductivity and ORP. Identify issues early and help prevent contamination of your work environment or surrounding waterways.

View our Chlorine Monitoring case study to see how a global mining company uses Captis to monitor chlorine levels.

Non-Urban Water metering

Captis is used across regional areas as part of statewide non-urban water metering schemes that monitor and measure water taken from waterways in rural areas. Adapted to work in the most remote of areas, the Captis device ensures data is fed back to both the landowner and government bodies, allowing for resource management and compliance. Our non-urban water metering solution developed with our partner SigSense and used across WaterNSW’s regulatory scheme was awarded an IoT Award for Best Water Project.

To find out more about the Captis non-urban water metering solution view our Q&A here. 

Power Monitoring

Measure power levels at remote switchyards and power stations using voltage pressure or conductivity sensors connected to a Captis device. With a long battery life and using cellular technology, data and alerts to fault and threshold events can be sent to response teams in real-time.

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One device for your ecosystem

1. The Captis Data Logger

The Captis device is installed in the field and configured over-the-air to support the required use case.

2. Sensors or Meters

Sensors in the field record and monitor the environment, resources and/or equipment and pass data to the Captis device.

4. Log Your Data

Kallipr Kloud processes this data and translates into relevant sensor readings. These readings may trigger alarms and notifications if this falls below or exceeds certain parameters or predefined rules.

3. Captis sends to the Cloud

The Captis device sends this data to Kallipr Kloud via the CAT-M1 / NB-IOT network. The Captis device can be configured to send at a specific time or based on events.


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