Smart Wastewater Monitoring with Townsville City Council

Sewer Level Monitoring

The Need

In the heart of Townsville, Australia, the need for a reliable and robust solution to monitor sewer levels became a top priority for the Townsville City Council.

Traditional technologies often faltered due to the harsh and varied environments typical of sewer systems, such as high humidity, potential submersion, and the presence of high levels of hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

These environments required a monitoring solution not just capable of enduring the elements but also offering precision in data collection to pre-empt potential overflows and infrastructure stress.

The specific challenge of maintaining connectivity in environments acting as Faraday cages highlighted the necessity for a solution that could overcome significant signal obstruction.

The Solution

Kallipr introduced the Captis Multi device paired with the Kallipr Radar Sensor, engineered for non-contact level monitoring of liquids and bulk solids.

This combination offered a robust response to the council’s needs, characterized by the radar sensor’s integrated 19,000 mAh battery, allowing for up to 10 years of self-powered operation. The device’s plug-and-play compatibility with Captis devices ensured a swift and seamless setup process.

The Kallipr Radar Sensor’s key features include a maximum range of up to 20 meters, precision in level measurement with minimal signal dispersion, and an IP68 rating, making it suitable for the wet and corrosive conditions of sewer systems. Its lightweight design, coupled with a custom mounting bracket, allowed for flexible installations across various environments.

The solutions durable construction and shock-resistant capabilities made it an ideal choice for the demanding conditions encountered within sewer systems.

The deployment of Kallipr’s solution in Townsville has set a new standard for sewer level monitoring, providing the Townsville City Council with a reliable, accurate, and long-lasting tool to enhance their infrastructure management.

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