Mining, Oil & Gas

Kallipr can be utilised by mining facilities to help monitor and control infrastructure and resources. By installing the Captis products across multiple and remote mine sites, we can help optimise the site’s efficiency, while ensuring the safety of the site through areas such as air and water quality, noise monitoring and protection relays.

One device for your ecosystem

1. The Captis Data Logger

The Captis device is installed in the field and configured over-the-air to support the required use case.

2. Sensors or Meters

Sensors in the field record and monitor the environment, resources and/or equipment and pass data to the Captis device.

4. Log Your Data

Kallipr Kloud processes this data and translates into relevant sensor readings. These readings may trigger alarms and notifications if this falls below or exceeds certain parameters or predefined rules.

3. Captis sends to the Cloud

The Captis device sends this data to Kallipr Kloud via the CAT-M1 / NB-IOT network. The Captis device can be configured to send at a specific time or based on events.


How Our Mining, Oil & Gas Customers Use Captis

Chlorine Monitoring

The Captis solution can help monitor chlorine levels within water treatment plant stores across mine sites to ensure safe levels of Chlorine without having to deploy personnel to site to sample the water. The streamlined solution allows you to measure the chlorine levels across multiple sites from a central hub, saving you time, resource costs and eliminating the risk of human error.

View our Chlorine Monitoring case study to see how a global mining company use Captis to monitor water quality. 

Asset Monitoring

Remotely monitor your assets using the Captis product, recording everything from GPS location, battery voltage, fuel level and run time. By using our cost-effective and reliable solution you can monitor machine health, optimise asset utilisation, save resources and ultimate raise client satisfaction.

Learn how a major equipment rental specialist uses Captis to manage their fleet in our case study

Air Quality

Captis is used on work & mine sites to monitor air quality, specifically with respect to measuring the spread and density of dust particles. By alerting you prior to reaching unsafe levels, we can help ensure the health and safety of your people on site and the surrounding community, as well as avoiding environmental damage and potential fines.

Pressure Monitoring

The Captis device can be installed along critical oil and gas pipelines to monitor pressure, helping you to ensure the safety and efficacy of your utilities infrastructure. Also, use pressure to measure the level of gas tanks and be alerted to when refills are required.

See how a major gas supplier automated replacement and managed filling in our Gas Tank Level Monitoring case study. 

Protection Relays

Use Captis as a window into existing security PLC/ RTU infrastructure, collecting and collating data as required, plus receive alerts by SMS or email when protection relays are activated.

Case Studies

Weather Station

Cost effective, compact and rugged weather station

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