Many educational departments and water education programs lack real-time water and resource measurement technology, including the required data to integrate into these programs and the curriculum.

Kallipr works with education departments, institutions and schools to provide tailored and real-time data to be used by researchers, teachers and students, with the added benefit of monitoring the institute or schools’ assets to identify leaks and poor resource management, whilst enabling proactive monitoring and potential consequential cost savings.

One device for your ecosystem

1. The Captis Data Logger

The Captis device is installed in the field and configured over-the-air to support the required use case.

2. Sensors or Meters

Sensors in the field record and monitor the environment, resources and/or equipment and pass data to the Captis device.

4. Log Your Data

Kallipr Kloud processes this data and translates into relevant sensor readings. These readings may trigger alarms and notifications if this falls below or exceeds certain parameters or predefined rules.

3. Captis sends to the Cloud

The Captis device sends this data to Kallipr Kloud via the CAT-M1 / NB-IOT network. The Captis device can be configured to send at a specific time or based on events.


How Our Education Customers Use Captis

Weather Stations

Our Captis Weather Stations are an easy to install, cost-effective solution to providing students and teachers with daily data feeds to monitor temperature, wind, humidity and many other weather-related measurements for their projects and educational programs.

Water Usage Program

The Captis solution provides schools and educational institutions an easy to install, cost-effective and scalable solution that allows them to connect a usage monitoring device to their own networks. This measurement tool provides them with data such as daily water usage, which is visible via the Captis Cloud for teachers and students to learn about and manage water usage.

Asset Management

Installing the Captis solution into schools and educational institutions, you can monitor your assets to detect water leaks and potentially save costs through early identification.

Case Studies

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