Transform your business results

Kallipr helps you save on staff resources, down time of your assets, and business costs by automating and measuring the data that matters most. The real difference is that Kallipr gives you near real-time data so you can set alerts and alarms, notifying you when it matters most and giving you the advantage. We then bolster your operations through easy integration, simple training and fast turnaround to achieve results.

Improve Efficiency

Whether you’re looking to automate processes that are currently managed by human call-out, or wanting to measure data in difficult to access areas, Kallipr gives you the advantage to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively across your entire business. The result? Less truck rolls, more efficient management of our precious resources, huge operational cost savings and the satisfaction of completing your goals.

Deliver at Scale

Kallipr offers one of the most efficient and cost-effective solution on the market. The plug-and-play Captis device is enterprise-ready and proven to succeed, year after year. Our Captis devices are trusted by big brands such as Woolworths and Sydney Water, and our product is Microsoft Azure certified, providing uncapped scalability across your business solutions.