Resource Management

Responsible management of our most precious resources is a challenge every company is facing, particularly as governments and the world around us strive to see better and more sustainable practices.

Kallipr can help you measure what matters by monitoring and collecting your own data with our easy to install and scalable solution – whether it’s watching every drop of water, monitoring air quality on site, or remotely monitoring tank levels, Kallipr will work with you to help you achieve your sustainability targets.

Water Management


Kallipr has helped many councils, businesses, government departments, schools and infrastructure sites to help manage their water resources more effectively.

Our cost-effective, easy to install and scalable solution helps you to monitor water usage, flow, sewage and dam levels, water quality, as well as measuring or monitoring data across a range of related applications. Captis is currently the only battery-powered solution that can measure both pulse and Modbus, with minimal drain on battery life or the flow meter itself.

Water & Waste Water Industry Applications

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Air Monitoring

Kallipr works in the most rugged, remote areas and is key to helping monitor air quality and weather events in the harshest of environments. Whether it’s understanding weather movements 100s of kilometers away, or monitoring the dust levels at a remote mine site – we can find you a solution to ensure your safety and sustainability targets are met.

Industry Applications

Oil & Gas

Kallipr works with major oil and gas companies across Australia to help them run more efficiently, safely and cost-effectively. Whether it’s monitoring gas tank levels across hundreds of sites, calculating the most efficient call out routes or pipeline pressure monitoring to detect faults early – Kallipr can provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Industry Applications


Kallipr works with agricultural farmers to provide the ability to manage and monitor their precious resources including water, fertiliser and feed to ensure they can continue to sustain and deliver yield year on year.

Industry Applications