About Us

Measurement that Matters

Kallipr (formerly known as mIoT) designs and manufactures a range of world-leading, innovative IoT solutions that allow you to better measure and monitor your own data in an easy to use end-to-end package, ultimately reducing your business downtime and operating costs, while improving sustainability.

Our asset-to-asset communication and remote monitoring solutions are used across water and wastewater management, air quality monitoring, commercial metering, and many more custom packaged solutions to help you reduce water leakage, measure air quality, and monitor capacity levels.


What We Provide

Our Australian Made industrial data loggers and IoT solutions are used across infrastructure and utility networks, mining, oil & gas, transport networks and manufacturing, across the Oceania region.

Our award-winning Captis device is designed to be installed in industrial settings or the harshest of environments and features the longest battery life on the market, most efficient payload and simple, seamless installation.

Our team of expert engineers continue to explore and advance our end-to-end solutions so you can easily manage and gain real-time visibility of your devices using the plug-and-play Captis cloud platform. We focus on advancing technologies that will create the most secure agile integrations for your business operations; ensuring time and cost savings for you, while providing a cleaner more sustainable world.

Leveraging our broad distributor and partner network we deliver high quality, sustainable and scalable solutions, operating remotely where others cannot – at the far edge!


Our mission is to leverage innovative technology to make infrastructure management smarter, more efficient, and accessible to everyone. By paving the way for the integration of advanced robotics and AI, we aim to transform how industries and communities thrive, laying the foundations for a sustainable, technologically advanced future.

A Message from Gerhard Loots, CEO of Kallipr

The Fourth Industrial revolution presents an opportunity for us to leave a positive impact on our planet for generations to come. At Kallipr, our passionate team is on a mission to develop world-leading far edge product that uses the latest technology to bring data from the field, allowing organisations to transform how they operate. Whether it’s monitoring water levels, air quality or numerous other use cases, our technology allows our customers to be more efficient, more sustainable and leave less of a footprint for our future generations.
Gerhard Loots

Kallipr History

Founded in 2017 and integrated into the Madison Group to support key product development requirements and market sector focus, mIoT, as we were known then, began the design, development, and manufacture of the Captis range. As an emerging technology, our team identified the need for a complete end-to-end IoT solution for industrial applications, and thus our mission has been to provide cutting edge, cellular based IoT monitoring and measurement solutions. In addition to innovation, we also strive to create long-term sustainability solutions, not only for the businesses we service, but for the greater community.

Continually looking forward, Kallipr’s pursuit of excellence extends from product design and includes the way we challenge processes and how we tailor solutions to the growing needs of our customer base. We hold our team’s invaluable knowledge and expertise instrumental to both our success and the success of our customers. In 2022, mIoT rebranded to Kallipr and, based in Brisbane, Australia, now has a global reach with an international team and a dedicated distributor network.

  • Acquisition of Shepelec, and relaunched as mIoT Pty Ltd
  • Launched Captis Pulse & Multi 1.0
  • Established manufacturing capability via Madison Group (QLD)
  • Launched Captis Cloud via Cumulocity (Software AG)
  • Established Telstra VAR strategic partnership
  • Established SPARK VAR strategic partnership
  • Launched Captis Pulse Lite & Metrum 1.0
  • Launched Captis Power+ and Captis Solar 1.0
  • Certified by WaterNSW regulator for non-urban water metering
  • Launched Captis Gen 1.2 device suite including Pulse, Multi, Recharge and Power+1
  • Achieved Microsoft Azure device certification
  • Additional manufacturing capability via Entech (SA)
  • Awarded Australian Good Design – Gold Award 2022
  • Launched Kallipr Accessory Kits program.
  • Launched Captis Device Certification program 
  • Accepted in USA 5GOILab.
  • Awarded Australia Great Place to Work award.
  • Awarded Australian Good Design – Gold Award in Engineering category.
  • Entered MEA, USA, and Europe Regions with deployed Captis solutions.
  • Launched Kallipr Radar Sensor.
  • Launched Captis Series 2 and Kallipr Kloud Series 2 platform.
  • Certified Quality Management System (ISO 9001).

Our Vision & Values

At Kallipr, our core purpose is to redefine the way infrastructure is managed, making it smarter, more efficient and universally accessible. 

We have a genuine commitment to long-term sustainability for our customers and the greater community, and strive to provide the very best solutions to help our customers improve their footprint on this planet.

With a core focus on our valued customers and partners and working closely with them to custom fit our solutions to support their real-world challenges, we strive to continuously improve and be the thought-leaders in our field.

Certifications & Trusted Partners