Kallipr provides you with the solutions you need in the harsh, remote and rugged environments on your land.

Our Captis product can be installed in dams and tanks to report on levels, monitor water usage and help identify leaks.

Temperature sensors can be partnered with rainfall, wind speed, and other sensors to create a remote weather station that can report up-to-date weather data in remote locations.

Giving you the data you need to make vital decisions and ensure your operations can be as efficient as possible.

One device for your ecosystem

1. The Captis Data Logger

The Captis device is installed in the field and configured over-the-air to support the required use case.

2. Sensors or Meters

Sensors in the field record and monitor the environment, resources and/or equipment and pass data to the Captis device.

4. Log Your Data

Kallipr Kloud processes this data and translates into relevant sensor readings. These readings may trigger alarms and notifications if this falls below or exceeds certain parameters or predefined rules.

3. Captis sends to the Cloud

The Captis device sends this data to Kallipr Kloud via the CAT-M1 / NB-IOT network. The Captis device can be configured to send at a specific time or based on events.


How Our Agriculture Customers Use Captis

Tank Level Monitoring

Our Captis solution allows you to install cost-effective pressure sensors to monitor the level of storage tanks across your property, with alerts signaling when levels are low. Our device is made to withstand the harshest elements and extreme temperatures, plus allows for reliable and comprehensive coverage, which is crucial for many of the remote locations across your property.

Asset Monitoring

No matter how large or remote your property, the Captis solution allows you to automate and monitor your assets from a central hub, reducing the amount of maintenance and resources required to keep your business running efficiently. Whether it’s recording on GPS location of assets, battery voltage, fuel level or run time, our cost-effective and reliable solution will save you time and money.

Weather Stations

Measure rainfall in remote regions using a high-accuracy rain gauge connected to a Captis system, rather than rely on official weather data gathered from a station that could be located up to 100km away. This system can also be effectively paired with temperature or wind sensors to create a comprehensive weather monitoring solution that reports remotely over a cellular network.

Case Studies

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