How a major supermarket chain prevented over 11,500L of water loss.

Commercial Sub-Metering

The Need

One of Australia’s leading supermarket chains required a water usage monitoring solution that could be easily deployed across their properties and facilities. The ability to remotely monitor water usage on a daily basis was necessary for analysing irregular usage patterns, particularly during periods when minimal flow should be happening.



In a single quarter the solution identified 11,500kl of water loss across four sites

Identifying water leaks early saved the supermarket chain tens of thousands of dollars


Proactive management of water leaks prevented water damage on 4 sites potential damage to buildings and other assets

The Solution

The supermarket chain worked with WaterGroup to install the Captis Pulse and Captis Pulse Lite units across multiple sites within just 3 – 6 months.  

Using the data provided by the Captis smart sub-metering solution, the supermarket chain was able to proactively identify and fix water leaks, not easily detected through traditional routine maintenance inspections. This has resulted in substantial water and cost savings. 

The Captis solution was chosen for its:  

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Long battery life
  • NBIoT cellular technology
  • Ease of retrofitting directly onto various OEM large pipe diameter commercial water meters

The Captis range of devices digitise the pulse readings from mechanical water meters at regular intervals (every 15 minutes). The Captis then transmits this water usage data once a day to a cloud platform, where the data can be accessed at any time and the device can be configured to alarm on irregular usage. This Captis solution made it possible for the supermarket chain to identify on-premises water leaks (from taps, cisterns, pipes, hydrants etc) in a more timely, accurate and effective manner. 

In a single quarter the Captis smart sub-metering solution identified over 11,500kL of water loss across four sites, saving the supermarket chain tens of thousands of dollars and preventing potential damage to their buildings and other assets. 

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