Cost effective, compact and rugged weather station

Weather Station

The Need

Weather stations provide localised, accurate and relevant weather information that can then be used to help make business decisions based on a range of environmental operations. Businesses across a broad range of sectors need to collect accurate weather data from a single, easily deployed and cost-effective device to help inform business decisions.

The Captis weather station uses industry standard interfaces to capture data from numerous sensors simultaneously. This data is then sent to an online platform to be accessed remotely. The Captis Weather Station solution is perfect for agriculture, smart cities, environmental, mining, rail, or any other industry.


Monitors high or low temperatures

Track rainfall volume

Monitor wind speed and direction

The Solution

The Captis Weather Station is a compact, multi-parameter and cost-effective weather monitoring solution that uses flexible sensor interfaces to simultaneously capture temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction, solar radiation and rainfall.

The Captis Weather Station comes as a single unit including the Captis Recharge device, sensors and stand, simplifying the installation process and allowing for easy relocation of the unit if required. The Captis Recharge uses NBIoT cellular technology, edge processing and a solar-powered rechargeable battery to frequently and reliably transmit data to the customer’s cloud platform.

The Captis on board alarm capabilities enable the device to automatically increase its logging and transmission frequency when a programmed threshold is reached – be it high or low temperature, rainfall volume, or any other sensor input threshold.

Our Captis Weather Station is a one-device solution that supports several industry standard sensors. The localised weather data captured by the Captis can be used to make important business decisions, optimise business operations, and ultimately save both time and money across a range of industries.

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