Non-Revenue Water

Kallipr helps organisations and water utilities across multiple countries to help reduce their non-revenue water through the installation of the Captis IoT device across thousands of kilometers of existing infrastructure. 

Working with some of the biggest water utilities such as Sydney Water, the Captis device can detect leaks, monitor water usage and flow, and allow organisations to better manage their own data – proactively detecting issues and significantly reducing non-revenue water.

What is Non-Revenue Water?

Non-revenue water is the water that is produced and bought by a utility or organisation, and then ‘lost’ before it can be sold on to the customer. Millions of megaliters of water can be lost as non-revenue water each year. This has significant costs for the organisations, but also in the case of leaks, means that water is wasted forever. The most common causes of non-revenue water include:

  • Leaks
  • Theft
  • Inaccurate meter readings
  • Unmonitored water usage

The Captis device can be installed on existing infrastructure and with IoT Cellular technology enables data to be transmitted from remote locations or pits easily and reliably. The device detects water usage, leaks or overflow issues, and can be configured to trigger alarms when certain thresholds are met.


By proactively alerting to issues, and having the data in a central hub, businesses can assess and fix any issues BEFORE they become major events – meaning that water is kept within their resources and passed on to the customer.

The IP-68 rated enclosure of the Captis devices can withstand extreme conditions, including heat, dust and water submersion – making it ideal for capturing data in those hard to reach places. The data is then logged in a central hub, with pre-configured thresholds set to trigger an alarm and allow for proactive detection and action.

An IoT device like the Captis can not only help water utilities save water, but also helps them meet their sustainability goals and makes the world we live in a better place.


One major Australian water utility was able to identify over 100 water leaks using Captis devices, saving thousands of dollars and liters of lost water. View our case study to find out more.

Major Australian water utility reduces non-revenue water leakage

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