Captis S2 Pulse

The world’s most advanced remote monitoring device for extreme conditions​. Captis S2 Pulse revolutionizes how we capture, measure and analyze data.


Introducing Captis S2 Pulse

The world's most advanced remote monitoring device for extreme conditions

Offering unparalleled durability and seamless connectivity, backed by world-first, patent-pending battery technology
and advanced security, ensuring reliable performance 
in the most demanding environments. 

Connect-and-Configure IoT Hardware

Captis S2 Pulse is the next-gen Captis remote monitoring device, having undergone a complete overhaul with a brand new architecture and industrial design to deliver the most robust and user-friendly self-powered edge device globally. 

The Series 2 devices, when combined with Kallipr Kloud technology, redefine infrastructure digitization at scale through their seamlessly integrated architecture, offering best-in-class industrial IoT solutions. 



World-First Battery Technology

Captis S2 Pulse offers a remarkable in-field battery swap experience, thanks to its patent-pending technology, allowing for swift replacements in under 30 seconds.

It simplifies the process with easy twist and lock replacements, eliminating the need for specialized training, and ensures eco-friendly battery recycling.

With the availability of multiple battery sizes, users can extend the device’s battery life up to an impressive 20 years.

Additionally, the built-in battery management software continuously monitors battery health and provides tamper alarms, ensuring precise and timely battery replacements when necessary.

Multiple Connectivity Options

Captis S2 Pulse excels in connectivity with its dual SIM capability, guaranteeing uninterrupted connection even in remote areas, along with global coverage through eSIM technology.

It offers versatile cellular connections across LTE/M and NB-IoT networks, extending its reach beyond cellular networks with modular options for additional LoRa and Satellite connectivity (coming soon). 

Advanced Edge & AI Technology

Captis S2 Pulse harnesses cutting-edge Edge Computing and AI technology for on-device data processing, enabling more efficient operations with reduced dependency on Cloud resources.

Leveraging security certificates and blockchain, end-to-end data provenance is enabled, ushering in a new ear for environmental data integrity.

It also supports Private and Hybrid Cloud technologies to provide versatile data management options.

Military Grade Ruggedness

Captis S2 Pulse is engineered to thrive in the harshest environments, boasting an unparalleled IP68 rating that can endure submersion at depths of up to 5 meters.

It incorporates tamper detection technology, ensuring security by alerting against any unauthorized device alterations or battery replacements.

The device is designed specifically to withstand extreme environments and to operate in places other devices cannot. 

Best-In-Class Security

Captis S2 Pulse offers top-tier security through Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and Public Key Cryptography (PKC), providing robust protection for data.

It ensures trusted authentication with X.509 certificates and offers complete device lifecycle management, giving you full visibility of your entire deployment.

It also incorporates tamper-proof security features and an alarm system for added security assurance.

Connect-and-Configure Solutions

Featuring sensor auto-recognition through Kallipr’s Smart Sensor Cable, this device offers easy plug-and-play configuration and seamless battery replacement with screw-on functionality.

Its user-friendly mobile app simplifies device installation and management, while also providing in-field device RAG status diagnostic support.

Intelligent Battery Systems

Experience the pinnacle of device power with Captis S2, powered by our state-of-the-art battery packs. Engineered for seamless compatibility across all variants, these advanced packs boast field-replaceable design, intelligent battery management systems, and industry-leading warranties.

Unleash unmatched reliability, capacity, and sustainability for your operations.


End-to-end solutions for multiple applications

Captis S2 is built to last in extreme environments, making it ideal for numerous use cases
across critical industries where conditions are harsh, install locations are remote, or maintenance is difficult.

Water Industry

Rail Industry

Agriculture Industry


Revolutionizing how we capture, measure and 
analyze data in extreme environments.

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