Captis S2 Battery Packs

Elevate your device power with seamless compatibility, quick replacement, intelligent management and sustainability, all in one battery pack solution.


Captis S2 Battery Packs

Designed with versatility and convenience in mind, these battery packs are engineered
to power a wide range of Kallipr S2 devices, offering unparalleled flexibility for your diverse needs.

Captis S2 Battery - Small

– Field Replaceable Battery
– 3.6V
– 1 Cell
– 19,000 mAh
– Up to 10 year battery life

Captis S2 Battery - Medium

– Field Replaceable Battery
– 3.6V
– 2 Cell
– 38,000 mAh
– Up to 15 year battery life

Captis S2 Battery - Large

– Field Replaceable Battery
– 3.6V
– 4 Cell
– 76,000 mAh
– Up to 20 year battery life

Captis S2 Battery - Recharge

– Solar or DC Power Supply
– 3.8V
– 2 cell rechargeable
– 3,350 mAh per rechargeable cell
– Rechargeable battery


Seamless Compatibility

Our battery packs are specially crafted to seamlessly integrate with all Captis S2 device variants. Whether it’s multi-cell, rechargeable, or non-rechargeable, you can count on our battery packs to deliver reliable performance across the board.

Field-Replaceable Design

Say goodbye to downtime. Our battery packs feature a groundbreaking field-replaceable design, allowing you to swap out batteries in less than 30 seconds without compromising the device’s IP rating. Keep your operations running smoothly with minimal disruption.

Intelligent Management

With advanced battery management systems, you can stay informed about your power consumption like never before. Track remaining battery life in days, adapt to different device configurations, and forecast future consumption with precision, ensuring you’re always prepared.

Sustainable Solutions

Join us in our commitment to sustainability. Kallipr offers a battery recycling program, ensuring that our products not only power your devices but also contribute to a cleaner, greener planet. Our global partners for responsible recycling meet all localized environmental regulations and compliance criteria. 

Future Proofed Architecture

Innovation never stops. That’s why our battery packs are built with future-proofed architecture, capable of adapting to emerging battery technologies. Stay ahead of the curve and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your investment is built to last.

Connect-and-Configure IoT Hardware

Captis S2 Pulse is the next-gen Captis remote monitoring device, having undergone a complete overhaul with a brand new architecture and industrial design to deliver the most robust and user-friendly self-powered edge device globally. 

The Series 2 devices, when combined with Kallipr Kloud technology, redefine infrastructure digitization at scale through their seamlessly integrated architecture, offering best-in-class industrial IoT solutions. 

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