Kallipr Rail Temperature & Ambient Air Kit

All-in-one kit for rail track temperature and ambient air monitoring, delivering advanced rail temperature and track analytics for a safer, more efficient network.


This complete package, paired with our IoT device, includes sensors, solar panels, and mounting brackets, all engineered for straightforward installation and operation in extreme conditions. It delivers advanced rail temperature and track analytics for a safer, more efficient network.


The solution allows for near-real time alarming on temperature threshold violations. With the ability to alarm on ambient temperature and rail surface temperature conditions, predictive and proactive alarming enables optimised signaling processes.

Maximum data transmission

The capability to optimise each installation with no specialist tooling or training allows for intense duty cycling during hot or cold weather events without impacting the installation longevity. 


Each kit is fitted with pre-terminated data and power connectors, ensuring that each installation is as efficient as possible. Simply connect a Captis Recharge and start collecting data.

Flexible Installations

The bespoke mounting bracket allows for a range of mounting configurations including surface/wall mounting, large or small diameter posts and star pickets, allowing for rapid, low
environmental impact, low cost deployments.


Product Applications

The Kallipr kit allows for effortless mounting of our IoT devices, serving as a critical tool for monitoring both ambient air and rail track temperatures in real-time. Rail companies rely on it for precise data to assess the risk of heat on their network, allowing for proactive maintenance and prevention, and to make informed decisions on implementing heat-induced speed limits.

Environmental Monitoring

Resource Management


Solar Panel

Steel Hardware


Dimensions & Weight

Air Sensor

Rail Temperature Sensor


Captis Recharge

Captis Recharge sold separately

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