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Kallipr Kloud is our IoT platform of choice for remotely managing all your devices. This solution suite enables you to connect, analyse and integrate all your IoT devices into a single platform whilst providing connectors via APIs back into your operational platforms. Kallipr provides customers with two cloud integration options via Cumulocity and/or Azure IoT.


Configure your device and access your data anywhere, anytime with the Captis Cumulocity IoT Dashboard.

Cumulocity puts you in control of your IoT solutions, giving you visibility and intelligence that has the power to transform how you do business.

An online dashboard of tools and data feeds, Cumulocity is a one-stop IoT platform for:

With Kallipr Kloud via Cumulocity you will be able to connect to all your Captis devices out of the box and begin to measure what matters.

Microsoft Azure IoT

Quickly turn your vision into reality with secure, scalable, and open edge-to-cloud solutions from the Microsoft Cloud.

Kallipr’s Captis devices are Microsoft Azure device certified, meaning they can readily integrate and connect with Microsoft’s IoT cloud products:

With Kallipr’s Captis products customers can rapidly start connecting devices in few seconds allowing for faster time to production, whilst providing confidence that Kallipr’s hardware and software has been pre-tested, and security verified to work with Microsoft Azure IoT services.

Check out Kallipr’s Captis devices in the Azure Certified Device catalog

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