Kallipr’s Rail Temperature Monitoring Solution

The Advanced Rail Temperature Monitoring Solution You Need

The rail industry is in a constant state of evolution, with the growing need for solutions that can efficiently monitor environmental parameters such as ambient air and track temperatures. A state-of-the-art rail temperature monitoring system is essential for ensuring the safety and smooth operation of rail networks.

Kallipr’s Rail Temperature Monitor is designed to serve as an end-to-end rail temperature monitoring solution. It collects and transmits real-time data on rail temperatures, enabling rail operators to gain immediate insights into potential hotspots that may require preventive maintenance. Beyond rail temperature, Kallipr’s Rail Temperature Monitor can also be integrated with sensors monitoring rainfall, weather conditions, and even flooding, providing a comprehensive environmental overview that is crucial for safe and efficient rail and transport operations.

Kallipr’s Rail Temperature solution is a sophisticated monitoring system designed to meet these requirements with a host of features that set it apart from other solutions on the market.

Components of the Kallipr Rail Temperature Monitoring Solution

Advanced Role-Based Access Control

One of the standout features of Kallipr’s Rail Temperature Monitor is its advanced role-based access control. This enables administrative users to create different profiles with varying levels of access, including read-only profiles. This ensures that data is easily available to various stakeholders, offering them the specific level of information they need to perform their duties.

Versatile Notifications

With Kallipr solutions, you’re not limited to just one phone number or email for notifications. The system allows you to add multiple contact points, meaning different teams and individuals can receive real-time updates.

Additionally, users have the flexibility to bring their own SMS gateway, thanks to existing integrations with several providers.

Kallipr’s Rail Temperature Monitor installed on the Yarra Trams network to provide accurate temperature readings for predictive maintenance and scheduling.

Optimised Data Transmission Frequency

The Rail Temperature solution has a distinct edge when it comes to data transmission. It features external solar powering, which enables frequent data transmission profiles to be supported. The device also uses alarm-based configuration profiles to vary transmission frequency as needed. For instance, the device can transmit data more frequently when temperatures are rising, thus providing real-time monitoring capabilities.

Real-Time Alarms

The Captis Recharge data logger that is used within the solution takes real-time monitoring a step further by enabling alarms to be configured directly on the device. As soon as an environmental parameter crosses a set threshold, the device sends the data to the cloud, allowing for near-instantaneous alerts and action.

Enhanced Durability

Durability is another strong suit of the Kallipr Rail Temperature Monitoring system. It utilises a neodymium magnet designed for optimal durability and performance, even in harsh conditions such as the Australian outback. Additionally, the monitoring kit comes with a custom enclosure to ensure long-lasting protection and heat protection from the harshest environments.

Sensor Expandability

The system isn’t just about monitoring rail temperature; it also supports additional sensors for various other environmental metrics like rainfall, weather conditions, and flooding. This feature provides a more comprehensive overview of environmental factors affecting rail safety and operations.

If you’re after a robust solution for rail temperature monitoring, designed with flexibility, durability, and real-time capabilities in mind – get in touch with our team or take a closer look at our Rail Temperature product here.

Or check out our Case Studies with Yarra Trams and Aurizon below and the results they have seen through deploying the Kallipr Rail Temperature Monitoring solution. 

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