What makes Captis unique?

Watch Gerhard Loots, CEO of Kallipr, discuss the origins of Captis, what makes the IoT device unique in the market, the numerous use cases for the solution and the many success stories organisations are seeing from IoT adoption. 

Gerhard speaks with Ryan Chacon on the IoT for All podcast in this episode dedicated to the Captis devices. 

Covering topics such as what the extreme edge is and how it relates to industrial and commercial businesses, tips on how to avoid common mistakes when adopting IoT, and a simple breakdown of how IoT can help you and your business. 

‘The problems we are solving are problems that have been solved by human beings in a very inefficient manner. If there was a person standing there, what decision could that person make? We are the eyes and ears of that person and provide that data at a central point so a better decision can be made.’


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