Captis finds $10,000/day leak

Aqua Analytics installed three Captis Pulse Lites onto water meters at a commercial site to investigate a staggering $10,000/day leak in their system. One of the data loggers reported back unusually high water volumes in one of the meters, prompting a maintenance crew to investigate further.

What they found was astonishing – a 100ml pipe was open-ended into a nearby waterway, causing the loss of thousands of kiloliters of water every single day. To be exact, they’ve gone from using approximately 2,239 kL per day during the leak, to 85 kL per day following the repair. 😲

Thanks to the insights from the Captis data loggers, the issue was identified and quickly resolved, resulting in massive water and cost savings for the commercial client.

It’s a perfect example of how our solutions can give businesses the tools they need to accurately monitor and manage their water usage, and how we can help reduce waste, cut costs and promote sustainability.

Well done to the Aqua Analytics team in solving this one – it really shows the power technology can have in solving complex water management issues.

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