Strategic Partnership With Reekoh

Australian Internet of Things (IoT) device manufacturer and software developer, mIoT have announced a partnership with Reekoh, an industry leading iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) company.

IoT has emerged as a critical component in the digital transformation of business and presents an important opportunity for a more sustainable future for industrial operations. To leverage this opportunity at scale requires the smooth flow of data from sensor to cloud to insights.

“We are excited to partner with another industry leader in Reekoh to further serve our customers. We are both committed to providing an efficient and seamless data flow experience working with our customer’s choice of infrastructure or platform,” said John Naughton, mIoT’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Reekoh is laser-focused on ensuring that enterprise customers are able to generate the most value from their data no matter where it was generated, by making it available to business users in the right way, and at the right time,” said Dale Rankine, Reekoh’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Interoperability is the key that unlocks value from across OT, IoT and IT data, and integration is the effort that delivers interoperability. The Reekoh integration platform and agile toolkit are the glue for digital and industrial transformation programs that span operations from the edge through to the enterprise,”

“IoT has always been very partner-driven, and so aligning with key partners such as mIoT, who share similar goals for their customers, is an important step in helping to provide the market with comprehensive, best-of-breed solutions. It’s also great to be able to join with other Australian-made innovation that can deliver on the global stage.”

In fact, the partnership has already commenced on a joint project on the heels of this announcement.

John Naughton commented, “We’re accelerating the value of IoT data for a global customer by integrating with their preferred asset management system, which will enable the solution to scale through multiple geographies.”

Together mIoT and Reekoh will move beyond sensor to cloud capability and provide their customers the reality of plug-and-play sensor to cloud to application and insights.

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