ABB Meters Certified

Precision Meets Innovation: ABB Meters Certified with Kallipr’s Captis Devices

Kallipr is delighted to announce the latest achievement in our device certification programme: the certification of ABB Aquamaster4 flowmeters with our Captis devices.

The ABB Aquamaster4 represents a significant advancement in flow measurement technology, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in water management. Known for its state-of-the-art design, the Aquamaster4 flowmeter combines electromagnetic technology with a battery life that leads the industry, ensuring operational reliability for up to 15 years. Its sophisticated diagnostics and digital communication capabilities make it an ideal choice for a wide range of water distribution and revenue collection applications.

Integrating the ABB Aquamaster4 with Kallipr’s Captis devices transforms water management practices. This powerful combination enhances monitoring precision and system reliability, making it a vital tool for sectors requiring accurate flow data and efficient resource management. The partnership between Kallipr and ABB brings forth a solution that excels in even the most challenging environments, aligning perfectly with the demands of utilities, water treatment facilities, and irrigation systems.

The certification of the ABB Aquamaster4 with Captis devices marks a milestone in our commitment to providing high-quality, interoperable solutions that meet the rigorous needs of our customers. This collaboration not only improves data accuracy but also extends the life and functionality of the monitoring systems, offering substantial benefits to our clients. It affirms our dedication to promoting sustainable water management practices and operational efficiency across various industries.

We provide comprehensive ‘Get Started’ guides designed to support installers in the quick and effective setup of the devices. Our goal is to ensure a hassle-free integration process, helping users save time and resources while maximising the benefits of their investment.

For individuals and organisations interested in certifying their devices or learning more about the advantages and applications of the integrated solution featuring ABB Aquamaster4 flowmeters and Kallipr Captis devices, we invite you to visit our Certified Devices page.

Discover the features and benefits of the ABB Aquamaster4 flowmeters by visiting their product page today.

This certification enhances our portfolio of certified devices, underlining Kallipr’s leadership in the provision of advanced IoT solutions for water management and monitoring. We look forward to continuing to bring innovative, certified solutions to our customers, driving forward efficiency and sustainability in water use.

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