Kallipr Announces Partnership With Synergy Technology Solutions

Kallipr and Synergy Technology Solutions Announce Partnership
to Help Digitize Infrastructure in Oman

Kallipr, a leading provider of IoT solutions for asset management, and Synergy Technology Solutions, a rapidly growing digital transformation firm, today announced a strategic partnership to represent and distribute Kallipr’s innovative IoT solutions throughout the Sultanate of Oman. 

The partnership will allow Synergy to offer Kallipr’s cutting-edge IoT solutions to its customers, helping them better manage and monitor their assets in real-time. The solutions consist of data loggers, sensors, device management platforms and analytics dashboards that enable infrastructure providers to gain new insights to optimize their networks. The solutions are easy to install and can be customized to fit a variety of needs, making them an ideal solution for industries such as water, wastewater, electricity, transportation, mining, manufacturing and oil & gas.  

The IoT solution enables remote monitoring and measurement via cellular networks, and is used to develop smart water meters, detect sewer levels, mitigate sewer overflows, identify water leakages, manage water consumption, monitor rail temperatures, measure tank and dam levels, and assess air and water quality.  

The award-winning Captis devices are designed to be installed in industrial settings or the harshest of environments, and feature one of the longest battery lives on the market, most efficient payload, and simple, seamless integration.  

‘Our solutions provide real-time insights that enable companies to integrate live analytics, optimize their operations, make timely and accurate decisions, reduce costs and positively change the world we live in,’ said Gerhard Loots, CEO of Kallipr. ‘We are confident that by combining our strengths with Synergy, we can deliver world-leading devices to the Omani market and make a significant impact at a global scale.’ 

Synergy has extensive experience in digital transformation, and the partnership with Kallipr will enable the company to expand its offerings to include IoT solutions that can help its customers achieve their business goals. 

‘We are thrilled to partner with Kallipr to distribute their innovative IoT data loggers to our customers in the Sultanate’ said Omar S. Said, CEO of Synergy. ‘Our customers are always looking for new and innovative ways to optimize their operations, and Kallipr’s solutions, hand in hand with our Analytics products, will help us provide them with the real-time insights they need to make data-driven decisions. We have seen the success Kallipr has brought to their customers in reducing operational costs and increasing sustainability outcomes and know there is a market here within Oman for their devices.’ 

Kallipr and Synergy will work together to provide installation, training, and support services to customers in Oman. The companies will also collaborate on marketing initiatives to raise awareness of the benefits of IoT solutions for digitizing infrastructure. 

This partnership represents a significant step forward for the Omani market, as companies seek innovative solutions to better manage and monitor their assets in real-time. With Kallipr’s expertise in IoT solutions and Synergy’s experience in digital transformation, customers in Oman can expect a seamless and efficient transition to more advanced and effective asset management practices. 

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