Kallipr CEO Gerhard Loots breaks down the challenges in IoT on the IoT for All podcast

Solving the Challenges in IoT

‘My single biggest concern of IoT is that we haven’t thought through what IoT at scale means. We’ve got to get ready for machine-based decision, and action to mange this. Having that longer term vision and having your data strategy sorted out right at the start, that to me is the key element for longer term success.’

Kallipr CEO, Gerhard Loots, joins the IoT for All podcast to discuss some of the major challenges the IoT industry is facing.

In today’s fast-paced business world, understanding the mindset of your customers is crucial to success in the IoT space. Gerhard emphasizes the importance of understanding the customer’s problem, their definition of success and entrenching oneself as part of the customer’s team to avoid IoT challenges.

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