NEW PRODUCT: Kallipr Radar Sensor


A game-changer in non-contact level monitoring.

 Engineered as a plug-and-play solution, this cutting-edge sensor revolutionizes non-contact level monitoring for both liquids and bulk solids. Developed by a team renowned for their expertise in radar technology, the Kallipr Radar Sensor promises rapid deployment, unmatched reliability, and unparalleled performance. 

Designed to meet the diverse needs of industries ranging from water utilities to rail networks, the Kallipr Radar Sensor boasts an array of features that set it apart from traditional monitoring solutions. One of its key advantages is its independence from fixed power or solar sources, making it the go-to choice for remote and challenging environments where power supply is scarce.  

Equipped with an internal battery engineered to last up to an impressive 10 years, this sensor ensures uninterrupted operation, even in the harshest conditions. 

 But what truly distinguishes the Kallipr Radar Sensor is its flexibility and adaptability. Offering customizable logging capabilities, users can tailor data transmissions to their precise requirements, optimizing battery life and enhancing result accuracy. Moreover, with its robust construction and IP68 rating, capable of withstanding submersion up to 5m for 30 days, this sensor thrives in extreme environments where others falter. 

The applications of the Kallipr Radar Sensor are as diverse as the industries it serves. In the water sector, it facilitates precise measurements in sewers, tanks, and tidal zones, enabling early detection of blockages and potential hazards. Real-time flow detection aids in efficient water resource management, while accurate storage tank level monitoring prevents costly overflow incidents. 

In the rail industry, the Kallipr Radar Sensor plays a vital role in monitoring waterways and critical roadways, mitigating the risk of flooding events and enhancing network protection. Additionally, its capabilities extend to object positioning, offering invaluable insights for diverse applications such as horizontal rail displacement and tidal planning. 

Key features of the Kallipr Radar Sensor include: 

– Precision radar technology for accurate level measurement

– Maximum range of up to 20m 

– Integrated battery for reliable and uninterrupted operation 

– Customizable logging for optimized performance 

– IP68 rating for durability in harsh environments 

– Lightweight design and robust construction for easy installation and longevity 

With its unparalleled performance and versatility, the Kallipr Radar Sensor sets a new standard for IoT devices, offering unparalleled reliability and precision in non-contact level monitoring.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, it embodies the spirit of innovation and excellence that defines the Kallipr brand. Experience the future of remote monitoring with the Kallipr Radar Sensor. 

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