What Everyone Ought to Know About Non-Revenue Water

Non-revenue water is costing millions of dollars every year. But what IS it? And what can be done about it? 


Non-revenue water is water that has been produced or paid for but is ‘lost’ before it reaches the customer. These losses can be caused by leaks or theft, or caused by inaccurate meter readings. It’s an issue that not only costs companies millions of dollars, but also can result in significant water loss. 


IoT devices are being installed on water networks across the globe to help manage the situation and reduce the amount of non-revenue water being lost each year. A device like Captis can be installed on existing infrastructure and measure, monitor and alarm when certain triggers are met – such as a leak is found, or water consumption changes significantly. It can also allow for digital meter readings that provide more accurate and effective reads.  

Here we take a deeper look at the issue impacting organisations across the globe – and the IoT technology, like the Kallipr Captis device, that’s helping solve the issue. 

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