Kallipr and Silver Edge Technologies Form Strategic Partnership

Kallipr and Silver Edge Technologies Form Strategic Partnership to Enhance Critical Infrastructure Management

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between Kallipr and Silver Edge Technologies, which integrates Kallipr’s advanced IoT technology with Silver Edge’s expertise in asset management and data analytics. This partnership is set to deliver superior asset management solutions to customers across critical industries like rail, mining, and ports.

Accelerated Real-Time Decision Making:

Silver Edge provides industry leadership to support infrastructure operators to gain greater insights from their operational data and asset management systems. By integrating Kallipr’s IoT device data with other infrastructure data, this partnership captures dynamic, real-time data into our operational asset management models.

This enhancement moves our models beyond static data sets, allowing for continuous updates and adjustments based on live environmental conditions. This capability is essential for accurate asset performance simulation and proactive decision making, offering a significant edge in operational efficiency and strategic planning.

Enhanced Predictive Capabilities:

Combining Kallipr’s robust IoT solutions with Silver Edge’s expertise in asset health forecasting and maintenance optimisation, clients gain superior predictive insights to future asset performance. This integration allows for proactive asset management, enhancing reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

Streamlined Asset Management Processes:

The partnership offers clients a more cohesive approach to asset management, blending advanced technology and proven analytics tools with expert-led asset strategy. This unified solution simplifies and optimizes asset management workflows and enhances operational efficiency.

“Teaming up with Silver Edge Technologies lets us take proactive asset management to the next level. By combining real-time data insights with predictive analytics, we’re giving our clients the tools to tackle challenges head-on and refine their strategies with greater accuracy and flexibility” – Gerhard Loots, CEO, Kallipr

This strategic partnership uniquely positions Kallipr and Silver Edge to lead the way in digital transformation with industry specific asset management solutions.

For more information on how this partnership can transform your asset management strategy, please visit Silver Edge or contact our support team.

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