Kallipr Announces Compatibility with KROHNE Meters

Kallipr Announces Compatibility of Captis IoT Data Loggers with KROHNE Magnetic Flow Meters
Captis Multi connected to a KROHNE Magnetic Flow Meter

Kallipr is delighted to announce the successful integration of their Captis devices with KROHNE range of Electromagnetic Flow (EMF) meters. This compatibility opens new possibilities for seamless data collection and analysis in the field of flow measurement, enhancing operational efficiency and offering valuable insights for various industries. 

The newly established certified interoperability between Kallipr’s Captis devices and KROHNE EMF meters signifies a significant advancement in the realm of flow measurement solutions. Through rigorous testing and certification processes, Kallipr and KROHNE have ensured the reliability and accuracy of the combined solution, providing customers with peace of mind and seamless integration. 

KROHNE EMF meters cater to various sizes and applications, from small-scale residential usage to large industrial and municipal projects. 

“We are impressed with the ease of connectivity and data transfer provided by Captis in conjunction with the KROHNE EMF meters” said Fred Pretorius, GM at KROHNE Australia. “KROHNE are known for best-in-class measurement solutions, now with added benefit of IoT data transfer solutions with a first class RTU product from Kallipr.” 

Key features and benefits of the Kallipr Captis and KROHNE meter compatibility include: 

  1. Approved and Certified Test Results: The compatibility has undergone thorough testing, resulting in approved and certified test results. This validation guarantees the reliability and accuracy of the data collected, enabling users to make informed decisions based on trustworthy information.
  2. Approved and Certified ‘Get Started Guide’: Kallipr and KROHNE have jointly developed an easy-to-follow ‘Get Started Guide,’ which simplifies the integration process, allowing users to quickly set up and utilize the combined solution.
  3. Battery and Powered Variants Certified: The compatibility extends to both battery and powered variants of the Captis devices, ensuring users can choose depending on specific requirements and operational constraints.
  4. KROHNE Pulse, Modbus, and 4-20mA Approved for Captis: The Captis devices utilize various communication protocols, including Pulse (Digital output signals), Modbus, and 4-20mA, allowing for seamless integration into existing infrastructure without the need for extensive modifications.
  5. Pre-terminated Leads Availability: Kallipr offers the option of pre-terminated leads for easy installation and connectivity.
  6. Custom Captis Mounting Bracket: Kallipr provides a custom Captis mounting bracket, enabling seamless integration and secure attachment to KROHNE EMF meters, ensuring robust and reliable installation.

“We are excited to announce the compatibility of our Captis devices with KROHNE EMF meters,” said Gerhard Loots, CEO at Kallipr. “This integration represents a significant step forward in flow measurement solutions, allowing our customers to leverage verified and trustworthy data of our combined technologies.”

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