IOT Specialists mIoT Announce Rebranding, Changes Name To Kallipr

mIoT, one of Australia’s leading IoT solution providers for the utilities, rail, mining and commercial sectors, has undergone an extensive rebrand in response to accelerated company growth and a new corporate vision. As part of this rebrand is a change of the company name to Kallipr – a reference to the original caliper measuring tool – and an update to the corporate logo.

In the past 12 months, Kallipr has experienced exceptional growth with the advent of IoT at scale serving over 100 businesses with installed Captis devices, including Woolworths, Sydney Water and Aurizon. This growth reflects the growing need of large organizations to adapt to IoT technology and the recognition of how the Captis device is helping breakdown the barriers to accessing that technology.

Founded in 2017 to support key product development requirements and market sector focus, mIoT began the design, development and manufacture of the Captis range, which is now used across multiple countries.

The rebrand to Kallipr reflects how the company and the brand has evolved over the past few years, and celebrates the transformation from a startup to an established IoT solutions company with a new name and visual identity.

The refreshed Kallipr name reflects the advancement from the original measurement device to the extreme edge data capture that Kallipr excels in.

CEO, Gerhard Loots, says:

‘The use of Kallipr for the company name is a nod to the original measurement devices – where calipers are a tool for measuring physical things in front of us, Kallipr measures things in new innovative ways to accelerate the digitisation of infrastructure for a better tomorrow.’

The logo captures the measurement of digital devices through sensors, while reflecting the core values of connection, security and trust.

Kallipr maintains the same ABN and CAN and will continue to operate offices across Australia and New Zealand.

For further information please contact:

Kim Williams

Director of Marketing

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