Kallipr Joins the 5G Open Innovation Lab

Australian Tech Firm Makes 5G History Entering Global 5G Open Innovation Lab

Gerhard Loots, CEO of Kallipr, and Jim Brisimitzis, Founder & General Partner of the 5G OI Lab, at the launch of the Batch 8 cohort

Australian technology company Kallipr, who deliver industrial-grade intelligence through remote monitoring IoT solutions, will join the esteemed 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OI Lab) in the United States.

The announcement comes as part of the unveiling of 5G OI Lab’s Batch 8 cohort, where Kallipr joins 16 other multi-stage, global startups, including one other Australian company. With a collective venture capital of over USD$313M, this cohort is the first to include Australian businesses and represents the lab’s largest and most distinguished group to date. The 5G OI Lab is a global hotspot for innovation in sectors such as Cloud, Edge, AI, agriculture, manufacturing, logistics and healthcare.

Kallipr’s inclusion in the 5G OI Lab marks a monumental step not only for Australian technology but also for the future of industrial resource management globally.
The company’s field-tested IoT solutions have already demonstrated industrial-grade intelligence at the extreme edge across a range of industries. Sydney Water has realized monthly savings of A$400,000 and averted over 400 sewer overflows thanks to Kallipr’s Sewer Level Monitoring solutions. Similarly, Yarra Trams, the world’s largest tram network, employs Kallipr’s Rail Pit Monitoring kit to proactively address safety concerns.

Kallipr’s inclusion in the 5G OI Lab offers the opportunity to partner with global carriers and corporate giants such as Microsoft, Dell, Accenture and Comcast. It’s an unparalleled opportunity for rapid commercial growth through proof-of-concept execution, market-entry strategies and additional partnerships.

‘We are thrilled to have Kallipr join our Batch 8 cohort as one of the first companies from Australia to join our growing ecosystem,’ says Jim Brisimitzis, Founder and General Partner of the 5G Open Innovation Lab. ‘Kallipr is a fantastic example of the kind of transformative clean tech innovation that is now possible at the edge enabled by 5G infrastructure.’

Kallipr’s participation reaffirms the company’s dedication to advancing IoT technology, enhancing customer efficiency and safety for its customers and providing a clean tech solution that will drive new ways of managing the world’s resources.

“This is a defining moment for Kallipr and a proud accomplishment for Australian technology. Joining the 5G Open Innovation Lab provides us with a unique platform to showcase our expertise, collaborate with global leaders, drive innovation to new heights and ultimately create a greener future,” said Gerhard Loots, CEO of Kallipr.

About the 5G Open Innovation Lab

The 5G OI Lab is a global collaborative innovation ecosystem connecting multi-stage startups, enterprise, global technology platforms, and investors. With the backing of international telecommunications leaders such as AT&T and Comcast and global giants like Accenture, Dell Technologies, Intel, Microsoft, and VMware, the Lab has rapidly become a destination for groundbreaking global startups.

Its commitment to innovation across various industries makes the 5G OI Lab a coveted platform for emerging and established businesses to collaborate, innovate, and grow.

About Kallipr
Kallipr designs and manufactures a range of world leading, innovative IoT solutions and devices that automates data generation at the extreme edge. Established in 2017 and based in Brisbane, Australia, Kallipr’s IoT Captis devices are used in industries such as water utilities, rail, mining and commercial to increase business efficiencies, save resources and create a more sustainable future. Visit www.kallipr.com.

About 5G Open Innovation Lab
The 5G Open Innovation Lab is a global innovation ecosystem that brings together multi-stage startups, enterprise and global technology platforms and investors to connect and collaborate on developing disruptive new enterprise technologies and solutions that capitalize on the power of edge computing connected to public and private 5G networks.

In just 4 years, the Lab has attracted a roster of world-class corporate and industry partners including Accenture, Amdocs, AT&T, Avanade, Comcast, Dell Technologies, Deloitte, e&, Ericsson, F5, GAF, Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, Palo Alto Networks, SK Telecom, Spirent, VMware as well as 118 multi-stage enterprise startups who have collectively raised $2.088B of venture capital. Through 5G OI Lab’s unique model of open collaborative innovation, corporate partners work directly with ecosystem startups to accelerate commercialization through proof of concept, go-to-market, and other engagements and opportunities. Visit https://5goilab.com/.

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